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“Senshi" is a Japanese term that means Soldier.

Was Launched July 3rd 2009 and is designed as a care free and fun flash games site; so please share and enjoy!!!

I started designing this site on and off for the past two years but just could never get a theme one I could continue. After a while of planning and some designs I decided to go with this as a flash games site. I have played hundreds of games on line and wanted to bring my own into the world of flash games. So I decided to launch this site after a few months working on a nice clean idea for a lay out I decided to launch this site. I like to think of it as a living site that will continue to be updated and grow; with the care and attention of its visitors.

After the first year There have been 6,992 visitors to the site; this is a great number and one that will leave be left in the dust as the goal for this year is 10k... :) Thank you for all the support.

Started in the summer of 2004 as a computer controls company which branched in to networking, programing and production, but at the moment is something I have only had time to do on the side.

statred in the Fall of 2005 it is geared to imports and exports for resellers in various supplies althought I still import lately it has been mostly for self interest.


Lazarus;Your friendly internet webmaster:

No.. my really name is not Lazarus; but what is in a name anyways.... It was my Avatar in college for all my extracurricular activies and studies; FPS, MMORPG and more... it just kind of stuck. For those wondering it was not because I died and came back many times!!!!!!
I started programing back in 1995 with simple website design, I have programing infrequently over the past 14 years. I have programed in multiple languages for microprocessors, PLC, databases, custom programs in C++, VB and more, but this is my first actually published website; So I am pretty excited. So I ask for patient as I am a perfectionist and will continually adding updates and try new styles.

Currently I an liiving in the sunny Okanagan area of British Columbia in Canada; but I am originally from the Edmonton area of Alberta which surprisingly I do miss....


Thats right along with our Games you can also visit out Anime Catalog click the Anime Superstore link at the top. The Catalog is provided by Rightstuf out of Grimes,IA but they do ship to Canada . If you would like to shop local check out Reliks on the home page they are out of London, ON they don't have anime but they have a nice selection of Swords and Armor.



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